Episode 102: Back to the Podcast

In the second studio episode of their new podcast, Pat and Jamie talk about "Back to the Future Day" and how it grew into a major cultural event.

Show notes:

USA Today for Back to the Future Day (link)

Judd Apatow on the Bill Simmons podcast (link

Pat's book trivia night at the Bell House (link)

Road Runners auction for Pat to deliver In the Papers in person (link)

Jamie's favorite podcasts:

  1. Rich Roll (link)
  2. Richard Deitsch's Sports Illustrated media (link)
  3. The Needle & Mouse (link
  4. Jessica Murnanes' One Part Podcast (link)
  5. Ofakind's A few things with Claire and Erica (link
  6. The Bill Simmons Podcast (link)
  7. Radio Cherry Bombe (link)

WSJ article on how to properly tie a scarf (link)

Dates / tickets / info for our first 92Y show (link)

Jason Gay tweet about the big ugly building (link)