Highlights: March 15th show

Our fourth show was a real deal New Yorker's dream, featuring conversations and games with Jordan Roth and Julie Klausner.

But the night kicked off with a pretty revealing collection of soundbites from New Yorkers on the street, talking about their biggest New York City fears. Some were scared of rats or crane collapses, while another person was fearful that de Blasio would be reelected. Pat said his biggest fear was falling down the steps when racing down to catch a subway. Jamie said hers was being inadvertently bumped onto the subway tracks. This set the the tone for our guests to reveal their biggest fears and gripes about living in New York City.

Jordan Roth, president of Jujamcyn on Broadway, which oversees 5 Broadway theaters (currently playing Book of Mormon, Jersey Boys, Kinky Boots, Rotten!, and The Crucible) was up first. He's scared of SantaCon, or any large gathering of drunk people, and has serious qualms with how CitiBike racks take up entire blocks, not allowing space for pedestrians to cut through from street to sidewalk.

We also talked to him about his hit Periscope/Facebook Live show #MakingMondays, in which a group of creatives gather in a room and create art -- from painters, dancers, and writers, to cooks and songwriters. 

Then Julie Klausner, creator and star of Hulu's Difficult People, came out and talked about how much she can't stand Times Square. While Pat swears he'll help strangers with directions, Julie -- like most New Yorkers -- says she ignores them. Her other fears are getting slashed, which a bunch of people in our audience agreed with, and brunch lines.

She gave us some inside scoop on the making of Difficult People -- that a lot of the show is based in her real life experiences -- and that one episode next season has to do with the Cannibal Cop. Her and Jamie bonded over their love of the HBO documentary about him, "Thought Crimes." We then played a fun game of "Who's More Difficult?" (complete with a theme song from Music Director Leslie Goshko) and the first round was the best, because instead of choosing Pat or Jamie, Julie chose our NY1 colleague Roger Clark. The next season of Difficult People premieres in July.

As always, we wrapped up the show with trivia and Ask Pat and Jamie, in which Pat admitted to missing Jamie when she takes days off from NY1. Awwwwwww.

Stay tuned for the full show video and audio as a podcast, coming soon.