Highlights: January 28th Show

Our fun third show brought out our biggest crowd yet! Music Director Leslie Goshko kicked us off with a little Beastie Boys' GIRLS, to get us in the spirit. Then we talked about the snow storm and the huge slush puddles that New Yorkers are all too familiar with at every corner. Pat thinks crosswalks and sidewalks should be cleared more quickly and Jamie thinks Pat has a pro-pedestrian bias, that he should put on the proper footwear and stop complaining.

The Seat Belt Debate: since we've spent so much time together preparing for this talk series, we realized that Pat always wears a seat belt in a cab and Jamie never does. We polled the audience and found out that it's just as polarizing topic as we thought! They basically split down the middle -- wearing seat belts vs not wearing seat belts -- and we're still hearing from people via email and social media after the fact.

Our first guest was Adam "Ad Rock" Horovitz from the Beastie Boys (who, by the way, does *not* wear a seat belt in a cab). We talked to him about his love of Scrabble, his dog, and NY1. He even has a handmade NY1 guitar strap with Pat and Roger Clark's faces on it. Things he hates? Shmutz and loud trucks, especially the ones that drop their loading platforms instead of lowering them slowly. He described his time with the band as other worldly: "Imagine you're with your two best friends from high school and the three of you are playing in front of 100,000 people." Yea, we can't imagine.

Millennial superstar Ruby Karp came out next to tell a story about growing up New York City, which is funny because she's only 15. Now a sophomore at LaGuardia High School, she was interviewed by Amy Poehler on her Smart Girls show about feminism when she was 7. Ruby contributes to HelloGiggles and once a month hosts their storytelling night at UCB East in Manhattan. She says her mom forces her to wear a seat belt in cabs.

Our final guest was Leandra Medine aka the Man Repeller. Her office is one block from her apartment because she doesn't want to be stuck on any transportation that could "hold her prisoner." When asked about layering and how she does it so effectively, she said she doesn't think about it too much. "It's like a recipe where the exact science isn't good. You have to play a little; be creative." Pat introduced his daughter Lucy, who's launched a fashion blog of her own: NLLK. Leandra's forecasting bermuda shorts to be the next sartorial trend and one of her goals this year, that she learned from a friend, is to try and smile with your teeth at one person a day.

We finished with trivia and Ask #PatAndJamie where Pat explained his theory that the MTA is bluffing about shutting down the L train for years. Jamie advised the audience on what she thinks is the best way to JFK Airport: take the earliest flight out in the morning and you'll never hit traffic.

The podcast and video versions of the show will be available soon and in the meantime, get your tickets for our next show on Tuesday, March 15th.