Highlights of our first show at 92Y!

Our first show was a blast! It was a big weekend in the city -- with the Mets in the World Series, Halloween, and the NYC Marathon -- and our guests had plenty they loved (and hated) about each. 

Musical Director Leslie Goshko (above, in the blue sweater) kicked us off with our very own "Pat and Jamie's New York" theme song.

Alan Kalter read some hilarious tweets and Yelp reviews from cranky tourists. He then told us about his wife's brilliant idea to paint a line down the middle of sidewalks here to delineate where tourists and non-tourists should walk.

Then Jason Gay came out. He surprised the audience (and us!) by coming out in a full shark costume, tossing Halloween candy to the crowd. His theory about New York is that the "common DNA strain is FOMO. You think fun is being had that you are not a part of. The irony is that you move here, and you don't do an f'in thing." We also talked about his theory on rage, pulled from his book, Little Victories, that basically says rage never works. Especially at an airport, where agents are trained to ignore it. "It's 0 for rage."

That is something our final guest, Alex Karpovsky, totally disagrees with. His character, Ray Ploshansky, on HBO's "Girls" ran for community board member because he hated that there was nothing being done about noisy traffic outside of his apartment. Alex, not Ray, has similar distaste about the NYC Marathon; he thinks it's bad for traffic and pollution and that if you want to watch people run, you should go to Central Park. "Girls" fans: he teased having a new love interest (other than Marnie) this upcoming season.

Trivia was next and we had a special guest to ask one of the questions: Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer!

Our audience got to ask whatever questions they had for us as well, and of course someone asked Jamie why she pronounces Van Wyck like Wike and not like Wick. (The answer.)

We mingled and took selfies after; the next day, one of our audience members, Jill, wrote a glowing review of the show

Our next show is Thursday, November 19th at 8:15pm. TICKETS!